Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A weekend of Kenya: Beijing Olympics

I think the far east has a boding of good luck for Kenyans. Since 1988, Seoul Olympics never has an Olympic performance left us so breathless.

I think anyone who was in the "Birds Nest" last weekend may have learnt to hum the tune to Kenya's national anthem after the Kenyan athletes made a grand closing to the Beijing Olympics.

Kipchoge and Edwin Soi nearly proved me wrong in my assertion earlier that Ethiopians now owned the long distances that is the 10,000 metres and the 5,000 metres races. They gave world champion Keninisa Bekele a run for his money, coming in second and third respectively. Keninisa though proved why he was the best.


Talking about bests...Nancy Jebet Langat obliterated her field...completely reduced her competition to ashes in the 1500 metres race. The soft spoken lady looked calm and composed at the beginning of the race and nothing about her demeanor would have given an hint as to what she would do in the race and ran for most of the race behind her competition, but when she made her break her intentions were obvious and she was unstoppable with second placed Iryna coming in a whole minute 40 seconds behind her.


When everyone thought they had had enough of Kenya for a day. Captain Wilfred Bungei ended his olympic career with an emphatic win in the 800 metres race with Alfred Kirwa settling for Bronze.


Sunday the Olympic final day and everyone woke up to Samuel Wanjiru, leading in the Marathon from start to the end, well not really the start but from all I saw on Telly was Wanjiru in the lead every time I looked up.

Once again our Athletes have not disappointed. Although once again our officials have a burden of proof to answer to Kenyans on why they pulled out medal prospect Momanyi from the 10,000 metres race throwing into disarray the teams plans to wrest the title from the Ethiopians.

However still a proud nation and the best African Country in the Olympics.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trivia: Kenya in Olympics 2008, President finds a World Wonder


I don't get to watch telly often...I know, I know I lead a terrible workaholic life. I should find sometime to rest or better yet, some place to get away. Merging of thoughts our president did find a chance to get away and he went to witness for himself the 7th World Wonder or is it the 8th World Wonder - The Migration of the Wildebeest from the Serengeti into the Mara.

So I saw the piece on TV while he was being interviewed by KTNs Boni Odinga...and he kept on saying "It is wonderful, it is wonderful...very wonderful the animals coming from Tanzania to our side" And when Boni asked him the message for Kenyans he said "We should all come down and see for ourselves how the animals do it"

Well I guess that's a pretty good suggestion for me and other workaholics. Take time off...enjoy our National Heritage and splendour and better yet "see how the animals do it."


The olympics is here again. I mean it's about to end...but can't blame me...for Kenyans Olympics begins with Athletics and this one was no different.
I guess the race we were all waiting to see was the womens 800m to watch the showdown between the "Nandi Express" Pamela Jelimo and the "Eldoret Express" Janeth Jepkosgei Busenei. The ladies did not dissapoint in that beautiful race.

Talking of people who did not dissapoint Catherine Ndereba proved herself once again running to second place in the womens marathon 22 seconds behind Tomescu of Romania and starting of the Kenyan collection of medals. I watched the race with my brother we could only marvel at Ndereba looking like some fantastic creation from the "matrix" in her trademark eye wear just powerfully stayed ahead of Zhou and Zhu. Martha Komu came in fifth in the race.

ndereba in chiba ekidden

Records...I don't think anyone will forget Jason Dunford's short-lived record in Butterfly heats. It will live long in Kenyan minds...a swimming record from a Kenyan my word...isn't that a first. Long live Dunford.

Steeplechase...no clean sweep this time but Matelong in 3rd and Brimin Kipruto in first still shows whose owns the distance and Eunice Jepkorir in the womens steeplechase brought the point home further.

The Ethiopians have generally taken over in the 5000 and 10,000 meters distances Kogo managed a bronze in the mens 10,000 while Cheruiyot and Sylvia hovered outside the medal brackets in the womens races.

However the middle distances still hold promise...still waiting to watch captain Bungei and his mates Kirwa and Langat do their thing and Nancy Jebet do hers in the womens 1500 finals...hoping she can do as nicely as Asbel Kiprop in his race earlier.



Here is real news. I've learnt how to dance. Don't laugh I'm serious...I've got moves.

Yeah right! anyway Don Bosco Upper Hill Youth Group are having their annual concert on 31st of August, that's Sunday Afternoon. Adult Charges will be 100/= Kshs. that's like $1.50 and children 50 Kshs that's about $0.50.

Upper Hill youth group is like the liveliest church based youth group in East Africa and well the concert on the 31st should just be about the best idea for a family Sunday afternoon out.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload some of the video here but what's better than coming down to upper hill church Sunday after this and enjoy it firsthand.


Sorry should have been posting more. Been up and down. I haven't really had the time to update my blog posts. Up until someone wrote to me saying he liked my transposed lyrics for the Atlantic Starr song "You deserve the best".

Anyway what's new with me just a bit of trivia - Personally I changed jobs twice. First one was my doing I left my old job for a more promising one that really didn't take off. So anyway from July 23rd... I'm now at my 3rd place of work...how nice.

But on the bright side. I've registered a company name "Kenya Freelancers Outsourcing" so it will be my main focus once it is approved and by the end of the year it will be a fully operational company.

So all transcribers, audio typists, scopists, captionists, web research specialists, data entry agents and agents for outbound and inbound calls - just watch this space. I'll keep you posted on how this new venture takes shape.

Funny side though at Sheria house I had the hardest time trying to explain to the officers there what Business Process Outsourcing was.

We were all getting exasperated and the officers after a lot of consultation with each other and studying the examples of services that I had proffered such as data entry and transcription...they crossed out what I'd written in the column - Services to be offered and put in "Information Technology" to replace "Business Process Outsourcing".

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