Sunday, 28 February 2010

Joyner was the greatest

I think Usain Bolt is fantastic. I also the think the far east is great to have athletic competitions ...just look at Seoul 1988 and Beijing 2008

That is a strong statement coming from Kenyan ... I should have seen so much athletic talent in my country to be awed too much by "the Lightning Bolt".

However today I'm not on about Bolt. I'm on about a woman who in my belief if today's timing mechanisms existed 20 years ago ...she would probably be as fast as Bolt or much faster.

Florence Griffith Joyner posted times in 1988 Seoul Olympics that have yet to be broken. I know its unfair ...since she died in 1998 Bolt doesn't have a chance to prove my assertions wrong.

Possibly am an hopeless romantic ... I was what? 7 years old when I watched her run... maybe her stylish long nails, her flowing speed and energy, her beauty got to me.

On that note I would like to say our own Kenyan lady athletes are wonderful runners ... okay maybe they need longer nails and crazy costumes ... I'm kidding. I like our athletes just as they are ... wonderful people who come from backgrounds of extreme hardships to make their dreams come true on the greatest arenas in the world.

I think it is the same quality that makes me admire and praise the late Joyner. She had spirit, she had fire and she made history.

Enjoy the videos.
Joyner tribute

Fantastic Florence

Flo Jo the best

Kenya has no leaders - We have Politicians

I don't know if its just me - but I totally lost interest in Kenyan politicians after the 2005 referendum. After that I was such a cynic, I never believed in a word they said.

Looking at the events that followed since then ... no new constitution six years after the Bomas draft was completed, post elections violence, internally displaced people 3 years after the post election violence, dying lakes - (Lake Naivasha at the Mercy of flower farm toxins), depleted forests - the Mau Forest under greedy land grabbers "breathe in - breathe out this list is long".

I know we are tempted to ignore our environment or legislation - entangled as we are in our daily toil to make ends meet.
If this are out of our scope of "sufuria za ugali na vikombe vya chai" what about the three latest scandals Maize Scandal, Education funds embezzlement, Unaccountability for HIV/AIDs and TB funding from WHO (World Health Organization) - clearly note this is FOOD, EDUCATION and HEALTH we are talking about ... if the forest or the lake or the constitution was abstract to you I hope this wakes you up - WAKE UP.

Looking at all these events and more which our politicians may be tempted to say they have nothing to do with ... they sit in the August house to make policy but when everything is going wrong they are quick to point blame fingers and take "exoneration public baths". Our politicians are to shameless to admit fault and say 'we have not made policy, we have not been honest with funds hence so many problems'

Our politicians are too busy creating alliances PDM, ODM, KKK name them ... they are endless. They are focussing for 2012. One wonders what beauty 2012 holds for us ... more blood baths by naive citizens ...nay stupid citizens ... one can be naive once but to fall for the same lies from the same people is stupid. What does 2012 hold for us ... shall we finally get to see how much HIV/AIDs has ravaged our country when the last protection of funded ARVS is pulled out. For crying out loud we can't even afford to get sick ... I wonder why on earth we want to keep paying redundant legislators. Will 2012 bring better food security.

Don't ask me if I can't see the good side of things ...such as the accord which was signed this day in 2008. If you are asking the answer is yes I can't see this good side because there was never supposed to be a bad side in the first place.

20 years after multiparty democracy ... 46 years after independence ... Kenya should not be celebrating accords between warring politicians, Kenya should not be celebrating when they receive donor food and donor medicine, Kenya should not be a country that waits on the seasonal rain to produce her food, Kenya should not be the country whose population is not guaranteed an education.

I can't see the good side - I told you I am a cynic.

Wake up Kenyans stop attending this silly masquerades called politically rallies. Stop celebrating silly political alliances.
If you have to fill up an arena ...fill up our empty KPL soccer matches or athletic trials or Conjestina Achiengs bouts ... make yourself useful ... cheer the people who really matter.

Look for real leaders.

Find leaders with the spirit of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso. Find leaders with the spirit of Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Find leaders with the determination to rebuild like Paul Kagame of Rwanda.
Destroy this age of politicians who play games instead of making policy - we as a people deserve better than this hypocrisy, silly feuds, inheritance of political power in family circles.

Find people who have our interest at heart. People who can give up self interest to save a nation. I am surprised our leaders with 100 thousands of acres of land could let Kenyans live in internal displacement camps for 3 whole years.

Find people who are accountable. People who are able to say "I did not make this mistake but it happened under my watch - so I am stepping down".

As it is right now even the so much promised Hague trials may not take place ...even if they do evidence will be hard to get. Remember this is the government which turned a blind eye as the bodies of the people killed in the "Eldoret KAG church" were buried in a mass grave without the families being informed ... without DNA testing being done. Someone should go check out if the church is still there ...probably a politician has planted a vineyard over it. This is the government under which a Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission may never commence its activities because of silly war of words on its Chairman's character.

Wake up Kenyans - stop watching these people on TV. Wait for business news or sports news.
Better yet I hope some enterprising TV station will bring us a new News Programme with the title "News for People who don't like Politics".

Just to reduce the vitriol I have been on for the last few paragraphs I want to point out to great leaders ... characteristics that we should be looking for ... for this purpose I will use Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso

Thomas Sankara
August 21, 1983 press conference.

"I would like to leave behind me the conviction that if we maintain a certain amount of caution and organization we deserve victory[....] You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future. It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. [...] We must dare to invent the future."

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