Sunday, 28 February 2010

Joyner was the greatest

I think Usain Bolt is fantastic. I also the think the far east is great to have athletic competitions ...just look at Seoul 1988 and Beijing 2008

That is a strong statement coming from Kenyan ... I should have seen so much athletic talent in my country to be awed too much by "the Lightning Bolt".

However today I'm not on about Bolt. I'm on about a woman who in my belief if today's timing mechanisms existed 20 years ago ...she would probably be as fast as Bolt or much faster.

Florence Griffith Joyner posted times in 1988 Seoul Olympics that have yet to be broken. I know its unfair ...since she died in 1998 Bolt doesn't have a chance to prove my assertions wrong.

Possibly am an hopeless romantic ... I was what? 7 years old when I watched her run... maybe her stylish long nails, her flowing speed and energy, her beauty got to me.

On that note I would like to say our own Kenyan lady athletes are wonderful runners ... okay maybe they need longer nails and crazy costumes ... I'm kidding. I like our athletes just as they are ... wonderful people who come from backgrounds of extreme hardships to make their dreams come true on the greatest arenas in the world.

I think it is the same quality that makes me admire and praise the late Joyner. She had spirit, she had fire and she made history.

Enjoy the videos.
Joyner tribute

Fantastic Florence

Flo Jo the best

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