Saturday, 9 March 2013

Way To Go Kenya!!! Elections 2013 - Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu (Kenyan National Anthem) - annieSoul

I think Kenyans have done an awesome job at the elections.

The turnout was overwhelming the results were resounding and ...I know I have to wait for the IEBC announcement but hey... let me break the rule and congratulate the new president Elect of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta.

My candidate of choice Martha Karua garnered 40,000 votes and of course like all good democratic people here I am "conceding" defeat and analyzing what learning points to take from all this.


  • It was awesome to have 51,000 votes for Dida Abduba he has just proven to all of us that "we are a president" each in our own right and we do not need to have been in politics for half a century to qualify to serve our people. We only need to believe 
  • It was great to have my candidate Martha Karua garner 40,000 votes. We have dared to be different not vote in bandwagon politics - "challenge the tyranny of numbers". We have also made it clear one day Kenya can have a WOMAN president. We believe change is possible
  • It was great to have the numbers that voted for NARC K - we can have a valid point in asking the government to institute policy that favor Social Democracy and a welfare state for poor Kenyans. Our argument would be ... see how many of us believe this is needed
  • It was great for us to vote in Uhuru &Ruto. We have proven to the world that so long as our constitution is in place, infrastructure and all other mechanisms needed to run a nation are set we are confident enough to allow our President and Vice President time off to attend personal matters like an International Criminal Court hearing. The times of "tunaomba Rais" are over. We believe in ourselves
  • We believe in Peace and in one Nation. We have proven to the world that Kenya is one. Of course as usual in my love for music please enjoy this piece in recognition of our peace


Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu Swahili lyrics - English translation First stanza
Ee Mungu nguvu yetu
Ilete baraka kwetu 
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi 
Natukae na Undugu Amani na uhuru 
Raha tupate na ustawi.
O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders.
Second stanza
Amkeni ndugu zetu 
Tufanye sote bidii 
Nasi tujitoe kwa nguvu 
Nchi yetu ya Kenya Tunayoipenda 
Tuwe tayari kuilinda
Let one and all arise With hearts both strong and true Service be our earnest endeavour And our homeland of Kenya Heritage and splendour Firm may we stand to defend
Third stanza
Natujenge taifa letu 
Ee, ndio wajibu wetu 
Kenya istahili heshima 
Tuungane mikono Pamoja kazini 
Kila siku tuwe na shukrani
Let all with one accord In common bond united Build this our nation together And the glory of Kenya The fruit of our labour Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

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