Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A weekend of Kenya: Beijing Olympics

I think the far east has a boding of good luck for Kenyans. Since 1988, Seoul Olympics never has an Olympic performance left us so breathless.

I think anyone who was in the "Birds Nest" last weekend may have learnt to hum the tune to Kenya's national anthem after the Kenyan athletes made a grand closing to the Beijing Olympics.

Kipchoge and Edwin Soi nearly proved me wrong in my assertion earlier that Ethiopians now owned the long distances that is the 10,000 metres and the 5,000 metres races. They gave world champion Keninisa Bekele a run for his money, coming in second and third respectively. Keninisa though proved why he was the best.


Talking about bests...Nancy Jebet Langat obliterated her field...completely reduced her competition to ashes in the 1500 metres race. The soft spoken lady looked calm and composed at the beginning of the race and nothing about her demeanor would have given an hint as to what she would do in the race and ran for most of the race behind her competition, but when she made her break her intentions were obvious and she was unstoppable with second placed Iryna coming in a whole minute 40 seconds behind her.


When everyone thought they had had enough of Kenya for a day. Captain Wilfred Bungei ended his olympic career with an emphatic win in the 800 metres race with Alfred Kirwa settling for Bronze.


Sunday the Olympic final day and everyone woke up to Samuel Wanjiru, leading in the Marathon from start to the end, well not really the start but from all I saw on Telly was Wanjiru in the lead every time I looked up.

Once again our Athletes have not disappointed. Although once again our officials have a burden of proof to answer to Kenyans on why they pulled out medal prospect Momanyi from the 10,000 metres race throwing into disarray the teams plans to wrest the title from the Ethiopians.

However still a proud nation and the best African Country in the Olympics.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trivia: Kenya in Olympics 2008, President finds a World Wonder


I don't get to watch telly often...I know, I know I lead a terrible workaholic life. I should find sometime to rest or better yet, some place to get away. Merging of thoughts our president did find a chance to get away and he went to witness for himself the 7th World Wonder or is it the 8th World Wonder - The Migration of the Wildebeest from the Serengeti into the Mara.

So I saw the piece on TV while he was being interviewed by KTNs Boni Odinga...and he kept on saying "It is wonderful, it is wonderful...very wonderful the animals coming from Tanzania to our side" And when Boni asked him the message for Kenyans he said "We should all come down and see for ourselves how the animals do it"

Well I guess that's a pretty good suggestion for me and other workaholics. Take time off...enjoy our National Heritage and splendour and better yet "see how the animals do it."


The olympics is here again. I mean it's about to end...but can't blame me...for Kenyans Olympics begins with Athletics and this one was no different.
I guess the race we were all waiting to see was the womens 800m to watch the showdown between the "Nandi Express" Pamela Jelimo and the "Eldoret Express" Janeth Jepkosgei Busenei. The ladies did not dissapoint in that beautiful race.

Talking of people who did not dissapoint Catherine Ndereba proved herself once again running to second place in the womens marathon 22 seconds behind Tomescu of Romania and starting of the Kenyan collection of medals. I watched the race with my brother we could only marvel at Ndereba looking like some fantastic creation from the "matrix" in her trademark eye wear just powerfully stayed ahead of Zhou and Zhu. Martha Komu came in fifth in the race.

ndereba in chiba ekidden

Records...I don't think anyone will forget Jason Dunford's short-lived record in Butterfly heats. It will live long in Kenyan minds...a swimming record from a Kenyan my word...isn't that a first. Long live Dunford.

Steeplechase...no clean sweep this time but Matelong in 3rd and Brimin Kipruto in first still shows whose owns the distance and Eunice Jepkorir in the womens steeplechase brought the point home further.

The Ethiopians have generally taken over in the 5000 and 10,000 meters distances Kogo managed a bronze in the mens 10,000 while Cheruiyot and Sylvia hovered outside the medal brackets in the womens races.

However the middle distances still hold promise...still waiting to watch captain Bungei and his mates Kirwa and Langat do their thing and Nancy Jebet do hers in the womens 1500 finals...hoping she can do as nicely as Asbel Kiprop in his race earlier.



Here is real news. I've learnt how to dance. Don't laugh I'm serious...I've got moves.

Yeah right! anyway Don Bosco Upper Hill Youth Group are having their annual concert on 31st of August, that's Sunday Afternoon. Adult Charges will be 100/= Kshs. that's like $1.50 and children 50 Kshs that's about $0.50.

Upper Hill youth group is like the liveliest church based youth group in East Africa and well the concert on the 31st should just be about the best idea for a family Sunday afternoon out.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload some of the video here but what's better than coming down to upper hill church Sunday after this and enjoy it firsthand.


Sorry should have been posting more. Been up and down. I haven't really had the time to update my blog posts. Up until someone wrote to me saying he liked my transposed lyrics for the Atlantic Starr song "You deserve the best".

Anyway what's new with me just a bit of trivia - Personally I changed jobs twice. First one was my doing I left my old job for a more promising one that really didn't take off. So anyway from July 23rd... I'm now at my 3rd place of work...how nice.

But on the bright side. I've registered a company name "Kenya Freelancers Outsourcing" so it will be my main focus once it is approved and by the end of the year it will be a fully operational company.

So all transcribers, audio typists, scopists, captionists, web research specialists, data entry agents and agents for outbound and inbound calls - just watch this space. I'll keep you posted on how this new venture takes shape.

Funny side though at Sheria house I had the hardest time trying to explain to the officers there what Business Process Outsourcing was.

We were all getting exasperated and the officers after a lot of consultation with each other and studying the examples of services that I had proffered such as data entry and transcription...they crossed out what I'd written in the column - Services to be offered and put in "Information Technology" to replace "Business Process Outsourcing".

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

You Deserve the Best - Atlantic Starr lyrics by John Paul

I found the lyrics for You Deserve the best by Atlantic Starr.

It seems my blog page is almost becoming a music site...kidding. Anyway I tried finding these lyrics for kez. I couldn't find them easily so I had to transcribe them.

So here are the lyrics enjoy

Atlantic Starr – You deserve the best

Anything you want I’ll give it to you
Cos all my love your entitled to
All my love and nothing less

You deserve the best

If you dream of a castle I’ll build it for you
All day and night until you say I’m through
I’ll fill your life with happiness

You deserve the best

Darling you deserve the best
I’m 24 hrs at you request
A love like mine will never rest

You deserve the best

I’ll make your world a perfect scene
I’ll move every mountain that’s in your way
Oh its my heart that you possess

You deserve the best

Darling you deserve the best
I’m 24 hrs at you request
A love like mine will never rest

You deserve the best

You know girl you girl you’ve been so good to me
And I love the way you make me feel inside
And guess what before I met you my love life was just okay
But now that you’re here everything is beautiful

And that’s why you deserve the best

You deserve the best.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

GOD'S COUNTRY LYRICS -Kool &the Gang by John Paul Mugambi

I have managed to get lyrics for God's Country one of my tortunes

Have you ever had a tortune...I mean like more of a haunt-tune a song from your past that was lovely and took you to places and you only know like 3 lines of it...

that was the same for me and this particular song ...GOD'S COUNTRY by Kool and the Gang released in the Album Forever in 1986 that would make me about 5 years old when the Gang sang this.

So Gods Country is my haunt-tune for today...I managed to assemble it's lyrics. At this juncture I'd like to mention that this lyrics are the property of Kool and the Gang ...so whatever use your putting them to do contact the group first.

So for those who share with me this haunt-tune...Enjoy

You can listen to it on this you tube upload by stevepressman

Gods Country – Kool &the Gang

Travelling travelling travelling
Travelling uh travelling travelling over God's country

We have been blessed with the one more tomorrow to make our dreams come true
So let’s take this time before time passes by to make real our fantasy
There’s a place I love and often dream of
Like a painted picture it so beautiful

Late at night when all the stars are shining
It so lovely to see
Would you like to go with me?

Travelling over Gods country you & me
Travelling me & you together
Travelling over Gods country wow wow

You always wanted to fly like the wind
To the place where we 1st began
To the east in the morning light
We’ll ride into paradise

-travelling uh travelling over Gods Country you &me- travelling u &me
Travelling -travelling uh over Gods Country you &me -over Gods Country

Love is our guide as we take to the sky to the land of majesty
The love everywhere because people do care
What a lovely sight to see

God’s country to the land of milk & honey -what can you do
God’s country there you're sure to find there no more time

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Travelling uh travelling travelling
Travelling uh travelling travelling
Over Gods country

To the East in the morning light we'll right into paradise - paradise
Travelling over Gods you &me travelling you & me
Travelling over Gods you &me - over Gods Country

Travelling -travelling over God’s Country
You &me -travelling u &me
Travelling - travelling over Gods country u &me - travelling over go co
Travelling uh travelling

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Your Money and You: Mutual Funds ...and You by John Paul Mugambi

First I’d like to say that some of the stuff I am writing about here has its sources in some of the following sources




that said I’m sure no will be slapping me a copyright suit and also you can benefit more by going to the sites mentioned and benefit yourself.

So I’d like to talk about us and what we look for when we are investing or saving and some of the things that stump us.
Now like everyone else who wants to say something we always quote other people a lot before we can get quoted. Last year if you look at my archive below I had this piece that I posted in my page about the seven laws of aligning money, value and happiness.

Get Inspired - A Guide to Living the Good Life by Laura Rowley:

so rule number one was
Know thyself: Understand what values you want to express in your earning, spending, saving and investing.

This rule applies when you are venturing into mutual funds and pension funds and endowment plans.
So exactly what are we looking for ...savings for retirement, saving for our children’s education, just hoping to use our money to make some more money? So here we have already expressed several values ...family values, economic values, and a general good outlook towards life since we want to save or invest for some future.

So here is what a mutual fund is for you it is a collective investment vehicle...meaning you and I and another and several others including some organisations pensions schemes decide to put our money in the "hands" of another for the purpose or with the intent to make some more money using this fund managed by this "another".

Every mutual fund has its issuer in Kenya we have several fund managers licensed by the RBA (if they are managing pensions schemes)...the capital markets authority and all other regulators ...you can find them here


So we have to find out the objectives of the fund is it in line with our own personal objectives. Some funds work towards long term stability while others are geared towards short term growth. Some fund managers will have several funds to meet these two different needs hence you will have a money market fund an equity fund or a mixed fund.

So annual reports of these funds are important to help you know what your fund is all about and how it is performing and who is running it.
It is also important to keep abreast of the continuous performance of your fund. Daily newspapers offer this. Conveniently they also help you in comparing your fund and other funds in the market.
It is also important to know where your money is being put into. A few weeks ago there was a general scramble for the government offering of securities. Mostly banks were the scramblers but you would also want to know whether your fund manager was in the action... and whether this is in line with what you want. Are you going out for high risk high return or low risk low return kind of investment?
Annual reports also help you find out what other assets your fund holds does it have a proper mix of long term and short term assets such as land, buildings versus securities.
It also guides you on the expenses your fund manager is incurring ...it would be unfortunate instead of growing your future finances you catered to overbearing salary and running expenses of your fund manager.

However with all these there is one point where you will never go wrong ...your fund manager is out to make money and so are you. So as long as the management expenses they charge to you aren’t extreme you and your fund managers will make a very “happy party”

Mutual funds offer a variety of benefits chief among them is having a professional manage your investments for you. Secondly you are able to achieve a diversified portfolio. Mind you this does not mean just putting your money in a group of investments but it means putting your money (in this case your fund manager putting your money) in assets with dissimilar behaviour. Some fund managers have achieved this by having what is listed in the newspaper as growth fund, balanced fund. Again however it is wise to find out in exactly which assets your fund is balanced into. Equities for example have shown to be great assets in times of inflation despite being high risk investments.

Finally something especially Kenyan investors have to outgrow. All this stuff I am talking about ...diversified portfolio....high risk ...low risk...I don’t mean that you are assured against a loss and promised a profit. These are things that do come with investments profits and losses are in this circles part of life. Cest la vie (always wanted to use that phrase somewhere)

We have to outgrow the mentality of safety. Recently the CBK governor revealed that depositors are losing their savings in their quest to find a save haven for their money, rather than seeking good rates of returns for their savings are leaving their money in commercial banks at lower interest rates than the underlying inflation rate earning a 4 per cent interest annually on their savings against the 5-7 per cent underlying inflation rate. That is you are earning interest but in actual sense inflation is eating at it and it becomes negative real interest rates on your savings.

So that’s about it on mutual funds...next time maybe we’ll talk about Inflation or better yet ...how about IPOs and trading in shares ....

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Fast car by John Paul Mugambi

Fast car

This year is moving faster than I would have thought...anyway I'm checking out my first posts and I realise that the political situation in our country might have just taken centre stage for the first two months of this year...which is 1/6th of the year or basically 16% of the year. Hey relax I'm not one of those guys who want to scare you on how much time ...we spend sleeping...or give you tips on how to manage your time...to the sec. As a matter of fact you should be giving me tips.

Anyway if you've heard Tracy Chapmans song fast car...then right now I should be singing it... I really need a fast car.

I'm do not mean literally need a car...well I wouldn't mind owning one...with all the walking miles I'm doing to save cash. But I'm really talking about the issues she brings out in the song.

Personally I'm in my 3rd job of the year...targets caught up with me at the one I started out the year with...these call centre metrics. Then at my 2nd which I did for 2 weeks...well I don't know maybe I kept comparing it with my first and it couldn't hold a candle to it...so I left (first job I ever quit by the way) all my others have quit me... one way or another.

So one problem with quiting and getting fired or starting at a new job...is that your finances are usually rock bottom...looking to get better...or buried in debt. And that's why I'm singing fast car.

And then to cap all that there's a million plans you had ... I was moving house by the way ... change of plans...back to sharing with my bros and sis's and me..."we're family"

So anyway back to my needing a fast car

You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere

yep I would really love to see my life going somewhere and maybe someone looking out for the brightest most good looking 26 year old nerd you ever saw to make a deal with. I know you're saying "Yeah right"

But my self critique mode goes into play...and I realise that I'm always going somewhere...every little effort I make...yeah it's a movement to somewhere...the problem with me and so many other people...tell me you're not in this list...is we don't want to keep moving ....we want to arrive there at the TOP of the world and get there quick fast and in a hurry.

Managed to save just a little bit of money
We won't have to drive too far
Just 'cross the border and into the city
You and I can both get jobs
And finally see what it means to be living

Well at least she saved ...I didn't with all the pressures of today's living ...I guess one of the things we should all learn to do is save a bit...I didn't say half or 30%...I don't know how much you wanna save ...but save a bit...kidogo tu.

Though she and I have something in common ...we're looking for our out in the jobs...we do or will get...and that's a bit scary. I know our jobs give us a lot...they take up a great percentage of lives...but they shouldn't be everything...at least we should have people who mean something to us...a venture or hobby or project that we wanna do aside from our work...I know you're saying look who's talking ...and yeah well you're probably right...but it's true anyway...what I am saying.
You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so you can fly away
You gotta make a decision
You leave tonight or live and die this way

Well decisions...you know after I quit my last job...I felt guilty for about a whole week. Sometimes we have to move out...move on...keep on driving in order to get somewhere ...

You got a fast car
And we go cruising to entertain ourselves
You still ain't got a job
And I work in a market as a checkout girl
I know things will get better
You'll find work and I'll get promoted
We'll move out of the shelter
Buy a big house and live in the suburbs
You got a fast car
And I got a job that pays all our bills
You stay out drinking late at the bar
See more of your friends than you do of your kids
I'd always hoped for better
Thought maybe together you and me would find it
I got no plans I ain't going nowhere
So take your fast car and keep on driving

More dreams... the supermarket checkout girl has dreams...the buyer who is buying two cartloads has dreams...and even I who is buying Snacky 15/= to give my body sugar to walk home yeah we got dreams....and like I've said before we celebrate these dreams...and we appreciate what we got..."job that pays all our bills" and one last thing ...I'm not in the family way...but if you are please prioritise your hubby/wife and your kids...are the people that count...no matter how badly life is dishing it out to you...just don't lose them don't shut em out or drown their love in a bottle or mediocrity.

I remember we were driving driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

The people in our life always bring great meaning in our lives...they really make us someone and make us feel we belong...our colleagues and clients more than our salaries...our families and friends and spouses and "love of your life" ...I know if your like me ...you're saying ain't no such thing ...but keep on the look out ...you may get smitten ...and start singing

And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged

But again whose to say we can't take our fast car keep on driving...no matter how much time we expend at a place...or with a person...so long as we're still moving...well we're alive...we only "die" when we give up...stop dreaming or hoping....

So find your fast car...that keeps you on the road...if it's the life project in your heart...the dreams in your mind...the beliefs that give you hope...and no matter what life brings your way...or whatever you meet on life's way does not keep you from moving on.

So have a great 84% or 5/6 of the rest of 2008 and please keep on driving...

Sorry I haven't been posting much....no promises...but I'll try

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Celebrate life by John Paul Mugambi

Jus found this piece from last year 2007 …it was my new yrs wish then and it really makes some relevance to this year so here it is

Happy New Year 2007

On Christmas night I went to the one of the many estate cafes to buy take away mandazi for supper. I know several thoughts are running through your head depending on your own inclinations &values.
If you have strong family values you are thinking this guy didn’t go home for Christmas; if you're a health &fitness nut you are thinking -mandazi for supper how unhealthy; if you are a party animal you must be thinking this boy needs to get a life; if you are saved you must think he should have been in communion with other faithful during the holy night.

Well you are right in your own particular way. Send me feedback on that and I’ll add it to my list of resolutions. Back to my story I met a very happy lady buying chips and she tells me “hope you weren’t buying chips because I just got the last Christmas chips”. She was so pleased with herself I couldn’t help laughing and I told her “no I wasn’t buying chips but good for you -the last Christmas chips –that is really something”.

I was still thinking about her …I mean not her –the episode when it hit me that if we could celebrate every little occurrence like we do on these special days then our lives would be one long holiday, our lives would be much happier and maybe if the scientific research on happiness is right much longer.

If we could celebrate every resolution on our list we accomplish and every resolution on our list we tried to accomplish life –though we didn’t really get there but we got close life would be much rosier.

If celebrate each of our bad habits we try to break and the milestones we make in the attempt well the struggle would much sweeter and we would not break the habit along with ourselves.

If celebrate every new deal we close, every innovation in our business, every day completion of routine work of our in-tray pile to our out tray pile, or if we didn’t do a clean slate of the in-tray we did a personal best ….how much more self worth &confidence &purpose &fulfilment we would get from our labor.

If only we could celebrate every career move or every academic qualification or every exam passed on our way to the qualification how much more enthusiastic we would be as we reach for the next rung.

If we could celebrate every car log book, title deed, home ownership certificate, monthly mortgage receipt, insurance policy document (I know you're telling me–‘you wish!’), business renewal licence, business registration document. How much more meaning would the possession acquire? How much more joy would it give you?

I think in this New Year the greatest thing we can learn to do is celebrate life (I know you are saying I have stolen that line from a Celtel advert), celebrate moments; celebrate…..again &again.

I also think in this new we should reach for our ideals we are always bigger than what we believe of ourselves &only by introducing our abilities to responsibility do we realize what we are capable of.
I think in our jobs the greatest satisfaction to get is from meeting wonderful people. That satisfaction would keep you going even if renumerations didn’t. I think every time I think you could be anyone you put your mind to be, you could do and achieve anything you put your heart to do…that your are wonderful person.

Maybe you are thinking this is all too unrealistic ….one can’t be happy all the time. Well you can’t it would not be life but somewhere in that bitter lemon life handed you is the potential for a great lemonade juice.
So after every heartbreak &set back -give yourself a chance to recover and meditate about what happened and you are sure to find not an answer to the “why did it happen?” we are so quick to ask -maybe to the “why should I go on?” we will find an answer.
In this great paradox of our lives
Magic in our lives &in those of the people around us can only take place if we rise up after the tragic.
So this year smile at life through the sunshine and the rain
And the tears and the trials and triumphs
And the success &unexpected outcomes (no failure because you tried &that in itself is a success)
And the effort &the exhaustion
Smile it will all be more beautiful &sweet &lovelier &new …a new year
Of golden tears &sweet perspiration
Of great dreams &new ambitions
Of broken hearts &life after love
Of great accomplishments &dizzying heights
Of great celebration

Friday, 18 January 2008

Words for Peace by John Paul Mugambi

(while Kenya is being called a killing field by people who do not have the heart to prevent it from degenerating into one....here's are simple words for those who really value peace)

What we could for peace I wonder
What could I say for calm and love and unity I ponder
What can I do to end this carnage &hate a real disaster
How can I get to do something real &not just engage in banter

If I could get to the great house I’d teach them wisdom
If I were the greatest I’d give it all up for the peace of nation or kingdom
If I could be on be the speaker I’d tell them to listen to reason
If I were a legislator then for the love of the people my words would be a weapon

But all I am a nobody and all I got is a heart and a season
All I have are my rhymes and a keyboard to type on
But I try still to express these great sentiments for all who love this nation
To sacrifice all at the altar of peace…. wealth, power, elections and ambition

If I could weep so that I can be a witness to the nation
If we could see how homes and lives are wasted on a senseless ethnic notion
If we could all strive to bring each other closer &share to each a portion
If we could realize that war &hate wastes everything even great nations

All I feel now is a great Helplessness
As I watch the violence that is endless
All I would love is a sweet song to give hardened hearts some softness
And then maybe we can think of other things such as democracy and progress

What we could for peace I wonder
What could I say for calm and love and unity I ponder
What can I do to end this carnage &hate a real disaster
How can I get to do something real &not just engage in banter

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 by John Paul Mugambi

Quote of the day
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow
Helen Keller

Motivation of the day
Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go be what you want to be, because you have only on life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Wish You a Prosperous 2008

Kenya after Elections by John Paul Mugambi

The passion which we Kenyans went with to this years general elections was so great &wonderful that it is heartbreaking at the same time.

Wonderful because finally we seem to realise what power the ballot holds for our every day lives unlike .....in the previous elections where turnout was poor this years had almost 75% turn out.....and the youth who were always indifferent this time voted massively.....

Heartbreaking because all other things that make a democratic voting an effective tool in governance do not seem to function in our country.

The first is of course political parties. We are a Multi party democracy and yet we don't have real political parties. Apart from the party which led Kenya to her independence KANU which still fosters ideals of nationalism.....other parties do not seem to stand for any guiding principle, creed or social belief. They are instead based around personalities who are popular enough to pull crowds or tribal chieftains and all the people who subscribe to them do so only to ride on euphoria associated with the party and make it to parliament.....Most of these parties seem to have only a 5year shelf life ....next elections ....we will have a whole new set.

The second is the constitution .....after rejecting a fraudulent document in the 2005 referendum we all forgot why the document was so important....the political leaders who led the NO vote instead of using the goodwill they had gained with the people to go ahead and picket and petition for the BOMAS draft the only draft drawn up by a group drawn from all Kenyans instead formed a political party to contest this years elections.....talk about misguided priorities. A few months before elections the same crowd clamoured for minimum reforms and pointed out flaws in the composition of the Electoral Commision of Kenya appointments which would have been fixed by ......you guessed right ....the BOMAS constitution or a constitutional clause for that matter.

The third thing is that our parliament has too many self seekers......people spent 5 whole years in the 9th parliament only to realise 3 months to the general elections that they didn't introduce any bill to ensure the Chairman of the ECK had an extended term or that appointments to the body were independent. Essential bills were left unpassed ...massive lack of quorom and excessive politicking characterised all the past 5yrs ....

Hopefully the 10th Parliament is going to change things.....the fact that a great percentage of them are new faces who got in either riding on party euphoria ..(popularly known as 3piece voting) where we vote for an individual without caring about a persons credentials....so long as he/she bears your party name. The second reason we have new people is that the president elect didn't support any candidate in his strongholds and also that his party was a loose coalition of independent parties.... allowing new comers to beat incumbents including powerful ministers....which was a good precedent on his part ....only it leaves him with few MPs to run a government with.

The last thing which is heartbreaking is that Kenyans are killing and hurting each other and looting as a protest to an election outcome ....yet the leaders who should be responsible enough .......instead of calling for calm either choose to remain mumb in the state house ......or instead decide to incite poor Kenyans to attend an illegal inaguaration....

And the question which begs answering .....is Why are we so gullible? We fall for the same lies and promises over and over and over again.....we re-elect the same age old politicians....I'm not saying they are bad or evil.....I'm just saying with all their goodness ....love for the people and the country and zeal for reform.... non of the leading candidates we had this year have the capability of leading a 3rd world country in this century.......their ideas are the same ideas they had 20 years ago.....that is why we are still going to hear calls of pandeni Kahawa tuondoe umaskini..... or Majimbo ndio itasaidia Wakenya...calls urging coffee planting or federalism as the solution for our modern day problems such as disparities in living standards between the rich and the poor .....or access to amenities such as hospitals of the people in rural Kenya .....or even a country with wonderful sportsment and women who do not seem to earn their due

Quote of the day
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow
Helen Keller

Motivation of the day
Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go be what you want to be, because you have only on life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Wishing You a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008

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