Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nancy Jebet Langat - My New Heroine

The Kenyan team performance in the just ended club games "The Commonwealth Games" was fantastic to say the least.

The team hauled in 32  Medals, kept the National anthem singing throughout the games with spectacular 1,2,3 finishes in the 800 M men (Boaz Lalang and "double Kiplagat - Silas and Abraham), 3000 m men Steeplechase(the regular trio of champs - Matelong, Brimin Kipruto and Ezekiel Kemboi) , 5000 m women (World Champion - Vivian Cheruiyot, Sylvia Kibet and Ines Chenonges), 3000 m, steeplechase(World Champion - Milcah Chemos, Mercy Wanjiru and Jerotich Chepkemoi).
Kenya pulled spectacular 1, 2, 3 finishes. 3000 m Steeplechase Matelong, Brimin and Ezekiel Kemboi.

In 10,000 m Grace Momanyi and Doris Chepkwemo also did a one - two finish.
Our Marathoners "double Irene" - Jerotich and Kemunto did the same in the mens marathon while John Kelai and Amos Tirop did the honors in the men's race over the same distance. Other doubles were the men's 1500 m and Men's 10,000 and Men 5000 m. African Champion Grace Wanjiru Njue pulled a bronze in the 20Km walk.
Kenya also stunned others and surprised ourselves with two boxing medals from Benson Njangiru who won silver in the flyweight and Joshua Makonjio in the light heavyweight.

More surprises - Mark Mutai proved we can run shorter distances pulling Gold in 400 m and leading the relay team of the double Vincents - Kiplagat and Mumo along with Anderson Mureta to a Silver - quite a wake up call to the Athletics Kenya Federation and the Sports Ministry to start investing in facilities.

If you thought Dunford was a "Olympic fad" - you got it all wrong Jason Dunford and his brother David totally rock and Jason brought back the only swimming gold - which was Kenya's first gold medal in the games.


Nancy Jebet Langat is totally my heroine for the games. In the absence of the "Eldoret Express - Janet Jepkosgei" who pulled out the last minute - Nancy Jebet stepped up to the plate and said "why not - lets see what we can do?" The world 1,500 m champion tried her "hand" at the 800 m women's race and she won Gold.
She is the only double Gold medalist we had in the games and she totally pulled powerful performances in both races.
Nancy Jebet Lagat - My Heroine (in a past picture)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

October 15 - Blog Action Day - Safe and clean water for the worlds poor

I never realised how much water could be an issue until one of the twins (Evalin Karijo) went to Kathonzweni as part of the AMREF water project team in the area.

Somehow water access, poverty, lack of health facilities, hunger always seem to go together and Kathonzweni was no different.

While the rest of the country grapples with issues that are more "esteem issues or self actualization matters" such as the constitution or endless political games - people in these areas of our country get up every morning just thinking of where their next meal will come from or where they will fetch water. Somehow children and women bear the brunt of all this. While the men will drown their sorrows in local brew or emigrate to Nairobi trying to search for a better life the women have to bring up their children in these rural areas. Fetching water is a whole days effort which begins before daybreak and ends late at night.
Dry river bed of Mbimbili in Kathonzweni, Kenya

Children of Usalama: Children and women are most affected by lack of water

Therefore it is important that we support organisations that reach out to this areas of our country, AMREF, the UN, IPA and other non governmental organisations.

Monday, 4 October 2010



Who would have thought classical music would be that fun - I spent the whole afternoon watching it on KTN television and was absolutely envious of the crowd that made it to Impala Grounds because they definitely looked like they were having a great time.

Of course I am not the classical music connoisseur I know the common names like Bach, Mozart, Handel ... and might be familiar with a few pieces - they helped me sometime back in overcoming insomnia and restlessness (of course I threw in instrumentals and Jazz - Kenny G and Dave Koz) but on the overall I could mistake one piece for another but nevertheless classical music is great and the Safaricom classical fusion was awesome.

I enjoyed the perfomances by Rhoda Ondeng, the Njoroge Couple (Elizabeth and Njoroge - I am not sure if they are a couple or they just share names but they were great) and I really liked the 11 year old by the name of Vimal who was heavenly on the violin. The Soweto string quartet on the whole did not disappoint and I am sure the high school students who were dancing their feet away to "diamonds on the soles of shoes"would admit to have thoroughly enjoyed the performance by  the brothers and their friend.

For me there was also the extra bonus of seeing Janet Mbugua and Michael Oyier presenting together again on Kenyan TV ... what better treat for a Sunday afternoon.
Michael Oyier and Janet Mbugua: Hosts at the Safaricom Classical fusion

Safaricom outgoing CEO MJ also had a good time although some Zain umbrellas nearly pooped the party for Michael Joseph - Lol  I am sure his nightmares come in Zain colours.

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