Monday, 19 August 2013

Cavaliers Band - Dunia (One of my favorite throwbacks)

I must be aging - I am listening to very old songs from my childhood.
In this song the subject recalls caution given to him by his parents about the people of the world (Walimwengu) and now in his prime finds that what they told him was true(the world holds for him the unexpected - dunia ina mambo)

Of course I had to transcribe the lyrics - so if you find any mistakes please correct me

Cavalier Band – Dunia
Baba na mama waliniudhia ewe kijana,
kuwa mwana kujionea dunia ina mambo
Nao siku yasikiza sasa mimi najuta,
 kweli najionea dunia ina mambo

Walinaambia kijana jihadhari na walimwengu
Hao walimwengu si wazuri kwako kijana
Nao siku ya sikiza, hata mimi najuta
Kweli najionea dunia ina mambo

repeat verse one and two (look for rap/spoken interlude)
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo

Ukiwa na cha leo marafiki ni wengi sana
Watakusifu oh, wewe kijana mzuri
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo

Ukiwa huna oh, wengi wanakukimbia
Na wengi kusema wewe kijana mbaya
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo
Dunia ina mambo oooh, dunia ina mambo


Fantastic Kenyan track divas IAAF Moscow Athletics 2013

Wow Moscow 2013 is over and Kenya is sitted fourth in the medal standings.

So this is me paying tribute to Kenyan track divas. I am not saying the men didn't do well. They did fantastic Asbel Kiprop as usual was dominant in the 1500m his long frame belying his powerful sprint. Ezekiel Kemboi now has a mohican but he still wins 3000m steeplechase and we have a new kid - Consensus Kipruto in the same race and not to forget our own you-tube athlete javelin thrower Yego.

So why am I paying tribute to the women - maybe it is because I have soft spot for Kenyan female athletes, maybe it is their spirit in the field - I am not really sure but they are a wonder to behold.

Edna Kiplagat started off Kenya on the first day by defending her marathon title


Milcah Chemos who everyone said was more of a hurdler than a jumper proved them all wrong. She did a fantastic piece of front running and she and Lydia Chepkurui did what Kenyans have come to expect of the men in the 3000m steeplechase. They bagged Gold and Silver. Milcah didn't even break sweat she was so happy and doing a jig at the end of it


Milcah said she was tired of playing second fiddle - tired of bagging bronze perenially. She did just that - she is the first ever Kenyan woman Gold medalist in 3000m steeplechase.

Helen Obiri gave a valiant run but her superb kick could not match Jenny Simpson and Aregawi who now runs for Sweden. Simpson somehow managed to run in front and keep strength for a kick. Aregawi never lost her strength at any point - true dominance reminiscent of Nancy Jebet Lagat my last years heroine who didn't have it in her this time. Kipyegon also gave her best kicking with Obiri but fell to fifth place.


But the highlight of the games for me was Eunice Chepkoech Sum. The media has had a field day playing with her name. Sum did sum it up though for Kenyans.

After Janeth Jepkosgei and Pamela Jelimo no one thought we would ever see another great Kenyan athlete for a while in this distance 800women but Sum in her debut really surprised the world - she came, she saw, she conquered.

All eyes were on home girl Maria Savinova, USA's Allysa Montano (who did some fantastic piece of front running) former champion Lupu of the Ukraine but no one paid attention to Sum and now the world has to stand up and take notice.
In the absence of Rudisha in the men's race Sum just surprised the world in the women's version of events and totally made my day.

What a way to sum up a really fantastic IAAF Moscow 2013

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