Wednesday, 23 April 2008

GOD'S COUNTRY LYRICS -Kool &the Gang by John Paul Mugambi

I have managed to get lyrics for God's Country one of my tortunes

Have you ever had a tortune...I mean like more of a haunt-tune a song from your past that was lovely and took you to places and you only know like 3 lines of it...

that was the same for me and this particular song ...GOD'S COUNTRY by Kool and the Gang released in the Album Forever in 1986 that would make me about 5 years old when the Gang sang this.

So Gods Country is my haunt-tune for today...I managed to assemble it's lyrics. At this juncture I'd like to mention that this lyrics are the property of Kool and the Gang whatever use your putting them to do contact the group first.

So for those who share with me this haunt-tune...Enjoy

You can listen to it on this you tube upload by stevepressman

Gods Country – Kool &the Gang

Travelling travelling travelling
Travelling uh travelling travelling over God's country

We have been blessed with the one more tomorrow to make our dreams come true
So let’s take this time before time passes by to make real our fantasy
There’s a place I love and often dream of
Like a painted picture it so beautiful

Late at night when all the stars are shining
It so lovely to see
Would you like to go with me?

Travelling over Gods country you & me
Travelling me & you together
Travelling over Gods country wow wow

You always wanted to fly like the wind
To the place where we 1st began
To the east in the morning light
We’ll ride into paradise

-travelling uh travelling over Gods Country you &me- travelling u &me
Travelling -travelling uh over Gods Country you &me -over Gods Country

Love is our guide as we take to the sky to the land of majesty
The love everywhere because people do care
What a lovely sight to see

God’s country to the land of milk & honey -what can you do
God’s country there you're sure to find there no more time

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Travelling uh travelling travelling
Travelling uh travelling travelling
Over Gods country

To the East in the morning light we'll right into paradise - paradise
Travelling over Gods you &me travelling you & me
Travelling over Gods you &me - over Gods Country

Travelling -travelling over God’s Country
You &me -travelling u &me
Travelling - travelling over Gods country u &me - travelling over go co
Travelling uh travelling

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Stratos said...

Thanks so much for the lyrics for this song! I cry almost everytime I listen to it. That God blesses you!

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