Thursday, 13 September 2007

Get Inspired - A Guide to Living the Good Life by Laura Rowley

i found this piece by Laura Rowley and i simply had to have it on my Page

Money and -

Get Inspired - A Guide to Living the Good Life by Laura Rowley:

The seven laws of aligning money, values and happiness
1. Know thyself: Understand what values you want to express in your earning, spending, saving and investing.

2. Be grateful. A grateful heart is never envious.

3. Be giving, of your talent, time, and money.

4. Be diligent and responsible: Don't expect managing your money to be easy; keep learning, and be accountable for your own financial life.

5. Be flexible. In the fires of failure are the seeds of new opportunity. Anything is possible, even a better route than the one you had in mind.

6. Be trusting, in your good common sense, in the people you love, in your hard work.

7. Keep it light: It's only money. Get Inspired The path to financial well-being begins when we align money behaviors with core beliefs. What's the best way to bring them together? You can express your values in the way you earn money; the goals for which you save; the things you buy; the investments you make; and your charitable giving.

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