Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I can't believe its March - touching base

A quarter of the year is gone and I can't believe it. I'm looking at my last post and I see it was during the Olympic Games that took place in Beijing. I also realize that it was about the last time that I was engaged in active employment.

So anyway I'm sorry I haven't been posting...my life seems to have taken a huge change of routine since then.

So a bit of touching base.

One I started my own company Kenya Freelancers Outsourcing i.e. it's supposed to be a Business Process Outsourcing firm where we do all types of transcription, web research, data entry, call handling, captioning and everything else imaginable. But right now we are having all sort of start up hitches...so a bit down but not quite out. Though the stats for business start ups are scary 90% of start up businesses die within the six month period. So I'm working to get myself into the 10% that get past this pre-start up stage.

Two, I'm back to school. I have to complete my Undergraduate degree. So after 5years away...guess whose back? Anyway this time round I'm at Parklands campus not at the main campus Kenyatta University Thika road. That way I get time to attend class and work on my start up.

Three I'm no longer in Upper hill youth group. Our parish priest and the council changed our constitution to limit membership to age 25 and I'm way beyond that in addition they disbanded the youth choir so mass is "boring" ...I mean it's pretty not much what it used to be. So anyway my Saturdays and Sundays just got a whole lot freer.

What else?...mmhh let's see...oh! I did go home for Christmas last December...that's an achievement...something I haven't done for the last five or so years. I hope I can do the same this year.

So what's in new in 2009. Not much just joining the ranks of hopeful and disillusioned Kenyans in trying to make a better life for myself and maybe a better country for all of us.

What's new in yours?

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