Saturday, 18 July 2009

Beauty Queen of Them All Cecilia Mwangi Rocks

In my life I have met only two people who could claim to be beauty queens validly so. There was Maria Cherop Koskei, that's my aunt who was Miss Kenya in 1981. To be honest I have only a vague remembrance of her holding a spanner and kidding she could fix my dad's car ... I was only a kid back then.

Then there is Carol Maina who was runners up Central Province Miss Tourism Kenya and several times over Miss KU. She is the most impressive, down to earth beauty queen you ever met and she even designed her own clothes for the competition.

I guess I am a lucky Kenyan not many of us have met people who have the title beauty queens, we only see them in magazines in crowns and looking good on endorsement deals etc.

This is why I think Cecilia Mwangi whom I've never met totally rocks. The 2005 Miss Kenya picked of all tasks she could apply herself to - she picked to fighting jiggers and fought them she has. Thanks to her and Ahadi Kenya we now know that there are many Kenyans afflicted by this pest in the mostly rural areas.

My sister a nurse tells me that these little animals are so bad in these areas they just don't attack the human feet they fix themselves wherever on the human body and once they are through with you one has blood poisoning and many victims die of Septicaemia.

So the latest effort of the beauty queen and Ahadi Kenya is raising money for the noble initiative by selling raffle tickets in which there are several motorcycles to be won.

Some of my colleagues from Kenyatta University are actually sales girls and salesmen for the raffle and they tell me that once in a while Cecilia comes in to do the sales with them.

So if you haven't met one on one with a beauty queen here is your chance. Go down buy your raffle ticket now at Aga Khan walk outside Uchumi Supermarket and just maybe it will be Cecilia Mwangi you buy it from.


cecilia said...

Hello John Paul,

Thanks alot for supporting the initiative. I would like to have more and more young guys like us to be vibrant in making the change we want in our community. The anti-jigger campaign is just an example of one change, young people lets not limit our potential irregardless of the challenges that you may encounter on your way.


john paul mugambi said...

Thanks Cecilia

If all young people become as passionate about issues as you are with your campaign ... then we can make our world a better place


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