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I'm planning to use my start up business Kenya Freelancers outsourcing to build the largest network of work at home professionals in Kenya. In the quest for this I have been online so many times to look for helpful tips and I always found them at Work at home the spac

So today I'm too lazy to write anything for you except I'd like to recommend anyone to go to their website above to look for jobs, to lounge and chat or to read helpful articles like the one below that I copied in it's entirety.

10 Suggestions To Kill Work At Home Distractions
Written by: S McIntyre

Working at home and being there for your children is a luxury. Who wouldn't want to be in my shoes? The downside, there are many challenges and distractions.

As a business owner, I can be more flexible than your telecommuter who has a virtual boss hundreds of miles away, but sometimes that flexibility is more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

Here are 10 suggestions to put an end to these work at home distractions.

1. Phone
Let your voice mail pick up your phone calls. If you're not expecting an important call, turn down the volume so you can't hear who's leaving a message.

2. Television and Radio
Television and radio are the worse offenders of background noise. Some music can influence your mood and put you in a non-working frame of mind.

3. Email, Instant Messaging, Social Network Sites
Don't keep your email programs, instant messaging, or social network sites minimized or opened. Enough said.

4. Children
They are one of the many reasons we choose to work at home, but they are pure distraction. Babysitters, daycares, play dates are all good options, but they may not be viable options all the time. Scheduling is very important. Set aside block times for work and for your children. Work doesn't have to be 8 hour days.

5. Food
Stock your pantry and fridge with fruits and veggies for quick and easy healthy lunches and snacks. Avoid drinking alcohol. Always have water at your desk as dehydration causes fatigue, headaches, irritability and more.

6. Procrastination
We avoid it because it difficult to do or we don't enjoy doing it. You have two choices:

A. Perform the task at your peak performance time when you're really alert and work focused or

B. Completely scrap the task if it's not important. Don't hang on to the task or save it for another day.

7. Weather
I find it harder to work when it's sunny and warm. I know I'm not alone. Know when to stop and don't overwork. Distraction is not always a negative thing.

8. Work Attire
Many people have admitted to wearing their pajamas while working at home. Is it productive? I don't think so. Get up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and start your day. These things get you moving and your blood circulating and it puts your mind in a work focused mode.

9. Work Schedule
I know when I oversleep I'm more tired and unmotivated throughout the day. Getting up early for me is the best. We're all different in what works well. Find the time when you're the most energetic and do your difficult tasks at that time.

10. Housework
There's nothing wrong with a messy house; a dirty one is a different story. If you keep your house clean and neat then clean up is a snap. Laundry, dishwashing and other chores can be done in between your breaks. It's all about utilizing your time in the most efficient way.

Working at home really requires a lot of self-discipline, careful planning and knowing what works for you. If you can do all that, then work at home distractions can be kept to a minimum or at the very least, none at all.


S McIntyre is the founder of a free work at home resource focusing on work at home companies, daily telecommuting job leads, articles, business resources, networking forum and other work at home related topics.

She also co-owns, a comprehensive direct selling and telecommuting work at home business resource that includes business tips, exclusive business articles, direct sales and telecommute company listings, home living and much more.

Source: Work At Home Space Articles

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