Saturday, 19 December 2009

Can't believe 2009 year is over: Merry Christmass and a Blessed 2010

Well I'm looking at the calendar and its two weeks to the end of 2009. God I can't believe it but I think the year is over.

CAMPUS AND ME: Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University has had a tumultuous year ... I guess I won't be the only one looking forwards to 2010. Professor Olive's Kenyatta is looking more beautiful by the day picturesque lawns and flowers. You really have to see it if you haven't been there for a couple of years.

The strike was a real dark patch we had but on the bright side I've finished my first year of undergrad so I guess going back to campus has been validated as a good decision - now I'm looking forward to finish the other three. Although stuff has got in the way such as the students strike which cost us six months at home and has resulted in the third and fourth years doing their exams over Christmas.

Students VS Police

I must admit it's a little funny being seen at the same place for many years. Some of the staff I knew first ask me if I'm back for my postgrad then I have to explain "... no I didn't not complete ... I deferred for many years ... then re-applied and hopefully this time I'll get round to completing".

The funniest incident was when I met my friend Weche at KU main. He was over to minister to some Christian Union students and I was there struggling with the entangled web of KU admin. So anyway he tells me over soda and lunch that he is leaving to go start his doctorate. I laugh and tell him I'm registering for the first sem, second year, undergrad and he can't believe it. He kidds to the students he is meeting that I must be some sort of government agent. You know the kind the government plants in Universities to root out dissidents or gather intelligence, they go to class, live in campus, year in year out and never matriculate.
I'm hoping I'll be ready for the exams which are starting next month for us second years.
Talking of exams - I'm writing a proposal for quality assurance procedures for university examinations. I'm hoping this will help us get rid of missing marks, unfair retakes and ensure students receive their marked scripts for CATs,Assignments and Final examinations.


I'm currently at Namba Moja ... yeah the cat is out of the bag. That is why my last article had so much detail on how their system works - however I hope that does not deter anyone from using it. It is a really nice service.
My company Kenya Freelancers Outsourcing Ltd is still on hold - but still something I am working on in my free time which is really non existent.
I am also looking for better paying jobs to fund my schooling yeah anyone looking to hire a multi-talented director of a not-in-operation company and pay good Kenyan shillings please call me.


Don Bosco Upper Hill: Church on the Hill

I think this year has seen many challenges for the youth at Upper Hill Don Bosco and the congregation at large. But eventually everything came out okay ... the Church hall is complete, the youth group is regrouping. Talking of which I really have to be more active now ... work or school always seems to get in the way.

I think 2010 will be great ... I am really looking forward to it.

Hope you are too. Have a great Christmas and a blessed 2010.

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