Saturday, 24 September 2011

Guess who's back? JeiPea is back

It's been ages since my last post.

Just a few quick updates on what's been up.

Well finally I have started work on Kenya Freelancers Outsourcing. I hope the next time I post about it, it will be on a company website not my blog page. I want to keep my blog page for all those other interesting things in life like falling in love - which I am not, but I am listening to an awful lot of love songs, aging - which I am ...I just hit a critical birthday last week I will put a photo of an older me in a bit.
Drop your Blindfold

come and see

For those who do not know critical birthdays I will speak about only the ones I have experienced - 18 is when they stop adding the prefix "under" to your age, you become a total teen not an under-something, you can sue be sued, drive a car, vote, take alcohol during allowed hours or from a supermarket shelf ....I know what you are thinking can live without all these things - which is pretty much true since my 18th birthday I have used the voting bit more than all the others.

Don't laugh at me I know elections come every once in five years so you can estimate the use of all the others is pretty much close to zero. So anyway 18 is an important age because all these things seem very useful to you before you have them - and very useless after you do.

Next important age is 25 is a silver jubilee, you feel like you have lived a halfway through your life make all those target of things you would like to do by 30 your energy is at peak - I don't know about you I know mine was at peak. I can't remember what my goals were then - but I am sure having more money was among them (Yeah, I know that is not a SMART goal - it doesn't say how much money - but I was only 25 remember).

Next critical birthday is 30 ...that is when you realize aging is real ...don't laugh ...aging is not in the face...I have a "fair and lovely" face - they should use me as living proof of that cosmetic - I still get asked for identification or proof of age the times I have ventured out to a night club. Anyway aging is how you feel and I am beginning to feel ancient. A friend of mine told me 30 is the new 20.... she was being sweet well I think it is the refurbished 20 ...even if you look 20 which I might pass off for - you feel the whole 30 inside (draw the Intel logo and put 30).

Anyway ....just to get into the spirit of things with my new age - I went for a four day retreat to focus and plan and pray. I am now a very focused and well planned and prayerful 30 year old (this is not a singles advert). The next step of course is I am just trying to be just as good an implementer which is much more a difficult task. But as with all good things this will take time and continuous effort.

So not as a part of my newly acquired age - I also want to be posting a bit more to my blog know with all these stories of a world climatic catastrophe in 2012 I want to leave this hieroglyph for the next inhabitants if they are as intelligent as we are.

I also have a new theme song for my new age "Forever Young" by Alphaville - enjoy because this is the only way to be, the only way to live - forever young.

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