Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hypertension - with Dr. Paul Kioko of Mater Hospital

Not to worry about me know as to why I am posting about High Blood Pressure ...yes I have a work deadline that is two days overdue. I have some payments that my bank can't collect...I am thinking of moving house...and I have a tortured conscience over other things - all some great ingredients of anxiety and stress.

But again like I said not to worry it's all part of life's "cest la vie" that's life for you.

So if you really have to have a reason as to why I am posting on blood pressure...well let's see... maybe I like Dr. Kioko's fine looks and I stumbled upon a nice you tube video of him....or maybe I like Citizen TV and follow their channel on You Tube ...or maybe I had a severe chest pain and run to Google searching for a cause - your pick whichever makes it easier for you.

So now after having appeased your curiosity I hope you get something out of what the good doctor says - it is in my opinion the most simplified explanation on blood pressure I have had to listen to. - ENJOY

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