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10 Reasons Why I will Vote for Martha Karua

Martha Karua

1.She is a woman - she is Wangari

I think in Kenya any woman who is bold enough to engage in politics and take on the "boys" in this men sports called politics deserves total support.
That said Martha is a unique woman (otherwise you would have me vote for Kingwa Kamencu or any other woman). She is not just a pretty face - she is a "lioness". This mother of two, divorcee has seen it all that mothers and women in Kenya have to endure.
She is an awarded woman, a rights champion
  • In 1991 Karua was recognized by Human Rights Watch as a human rights monitor.
  • In December 1995 she was awarded by the Federation of Kenya Women Lawyers (FIDA) for advancing the cause of women.
  • In 1999 the Kenya Section of the International Commission of Jurists awarded her the 1999 Kenya Jurist of the Year and in the same year same month, the law society of Kenya (LSK) awarded her the Legal Practitioners Due Diligence Award
Kenyans only realized the full extent of the late Professor Wangari Maathai's activity when she died.
We missed a chance at giving one Wangari the Presidency let us not make the same mistake twice. Here is Martha Wangari Karua.

2. She is a lone ranger

In Kenya politics we have grown from days of ONE party rule of KANU to days when parties merge and coalitions form. However these parties merging and breaking up have only ONE objective - to get into power for self interests. These parties and coalitions are our "modern day KANU" where to benefit you have to be in the bandwagon.
It is in this light that I am rooting for lone rangers such as Prof. Ole Kiyiapi and Winnie, Kingwa Kamenchu and most of all Martha Karua.
Most of all Martha because she has always been a lone ranger.
  • She walked out on President Moi political rally - a brave thing to do for any man or woman
  • She was the only member of the opposition who sat in the house (all others walked out) to present objections to the Constitution Review bill 2001.
  • She was willing to represent political prisoners for free (she represented Mirugi Kariuki in Koigi Wamwere's treason trial)
  • She was the only woman in the negotiations team after the Post Election Violence of 2007.
  • She is the only Minister who has chosen to step down when as Minister for Justice she found she could not execute her duties freely without interference.
  • She is the only Presidential candidate who has declared her wealth.

3. She is hardworking

While other members of parliament missed sessions or slept through them Martha Karua attended sessions and is one of the most active policy makers having spoken 2,953 times.
She is one of the easiest members of parliament to contact cell phone, facebook - Martha is accessible.

4. She believes in the Law

Martha is a true lawyer, a career advocate and a resident magistrate for part of her career.
Martha has always believed in using the law to improve lives - that is why she works so hard in parliament. She helped formulate laws in administration of wealth a major contribution to Kenya's Family Law.
As Minister of Water she was behind the Water Act 2002 which was a major milestone in managing Kenya's water resources.
Martha stepped down as Minister for Justice in April 2009 when she felt due process was not followed in appointment of Judges.
She is very outspoken on constitutionalism.
In a Kenya where we are looking for a leader to implement a fledgeling constitution our best bet would be Martha Karua.

5. She is Passionate and youthful at heart
Martha is my mother's age but I can't even begin to compare them. She is on facebook, she chats on SMS....she gives interviews on stations like Ghetto radio and she has taken part in a song done with Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal in his We Want Peace campaign.
Martha has looked the way she does for the last 20 years - parliament and hefty salaries haven't changed her appearance and for a 55 year old she still has got the IT.

6. She is honest - She tells it like it is
Martha Karua if she believes in something will say it.
She engaged William Ruto in public over a maize scandal asking him to resign. Both were then Ministers in the Kibaki government and the president could only watch.
She accused Raila Odinga of ethnic cleansing after the 2008 Post election violence. I am not saying he was responsible I am only pointing out that Martha believed it and she told him to his face.
I don't know about you but I prefer someone who tells me a nasty truth to my face than someone who goes around my back or is not honest with me.
When I vote Martha I know I will have a president who can tell me the truth good or bad to my face false promises from her.

7. She loves Kenya and Kenyans
I think Martha Karua is a true patriot.
She is always trying to get people to be the best of themselves such as the recent incident in Korogocho where she tried to convince local youth that extorting money in the name of security wasn't a nice way to make money.
In her arguments for the implementation of the constitution she had a consistent argument with the interest of Kenyans being the underlying thread.

8. She is articulate, she has poise and style and she looks good
I think Martha will make a good President.
I think as Kenyans we will not blush if she has to engage with President Obama in conversation.
She can talk to him at a par level.
She does not have evidence of excesses and overindulgence in the good things of life that many of our MPs and presidential aspirants have that are so obvious pot bellies and the like

9. This is where the world is at
 Dilma Rousseff - Brazilian president
Laura Chinchilla - Costa Rica president
Michelle Bachelet - Chile president 2006 - 2010
Cristina Fernandez - Argentina president
Joyce Banda - Malawi president
Johnson Sirleaf - Liberia president
Park Geun-hye - South Korea president
Angela Merkel - German Chancellor
Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf - Switzerland Federal Council since 2008 (President 2012)
 It is time for Kenya to do ourselves a favour and get a woman president - our own version of Margaret Thatcher or the late Benazir Bhutto someone to lead us with a heart, someone with a strong spirit.

10. Honestly - she is the only candidate you can write 10 reasons about.
Okay to be honest sit down and try to come up with ten reasons as to why you want to vote for a particular candidate.
If you cannot then you are not using your head to vote. I have given you nine reasons to vote for Martha or rather the ten reasons why I will vote for her.
The tenth reason is that she does not appeal to excitement or slogans or crowd entertainment.
Martha is a serious woman - the kind we need to move the business of the nation forward. She is straight talking and will only give solid reasons as to why we need to vote for her in March. She is the only candidate who will give you food for thought from a campaign podium - everyone else seems to believe the less we think the better off we are.

Now as usual I enjoy music so here is a song that really exalts strength in womanhood

Dolly Parton's Eagle When she Flies

"Eagle When She Flies"

She's been there, God knows, she's been there
She has seen and done it all
She's a woman, she know how to
Dish it out or take it all
Her heart's as soft as feathers
Still she weathers stormy skies
And she's a sparrow when she's broken
But she's an eagle when she flies

A kaleidoscope of colors
You can toss her around and round
You can keep her in you vision
But you'll never keep her down
She's a lover, she's a mother
She's a friend and she's a wife
And she's a sparrow when she's broken
But she's an eagle when she flies

Gentle as the sweet magnolia
Strong as steel, her faith and pride
She's an everlasting shoulder
She's the leaning post of life
She hurts deep and when she weeps
She's just as fragile as a child
And she's a sparrow when she's broken
But she's an eagle when she flies

She's a sparrow when she's broken
But she's an eagle when she flies
Oh, bless her, Lord
She's an eagle when she flies


Nicholas said...

I'd hate to break it for you but with this election I lump Martha with the rest of the non-starters like Peter Kenneth, Mudavadi and Raphael Tuju. They've done a lot but it looks like this game called politics eludes them. Kenya is still divided on tribal lines unlike first world countries where even an individual from nowhere can come and clinch the election. I think they should play it smart 2018 and maybe then they'll have shot at the 'Big Seat'

John Paul Karijo said...

Hi Nicholas thank you for your comment - but it is not really "breaking news" for me.
For me politics is not a game and i wish all Kenyans would think like me and see politics as the set of tools that governs their livelihoods their tax money is used, how much welfare they can get on education, food, health and housing to allow them break the endless cycle of poverty.
For me politics is not about tribe and I wish Kenyans and people in whatever "world countries" we are ranked as would see that the blood that runs in our veins is always red when it is spilled.
For me politics is not a football game, a wrestling match or an athletics race - I wish Kenyans would think like me and see that this is not about clinching or a certain team winning or a trophy or a big seat. Politics should be about their lives

Agnetta Nyalita said...

I can add 10 more reasons to vote Martha Karua looking at a developed Kenya in 10-20 years to come.
No convenience politicking, Voters for her do not equal money a.k.a she does not trade voters. She works with a professional team, All NARC-Kenya party members (including myself) feel engaged rather than threatened, She is open to criticism, She agrees to disagree, She listens, She supports social development projects without strings attached, She delegates and lastly she provides opportunities for potential individuals especially youth.

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