Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year 2015 - Time to be

Every New Year finds me coming up with a list of stuff to do... goals

E.g. - get married (I didn't), build this or that business (I did) , build apps for this that the other (I didn't) , get into a regular prayer routine (Partially failed miserably in the second half).

Which is pretty much okay - I mean it is what focused people do. They ready, take aim and fire... and more often than not I have pulled off a huge percentage of these things I set out to do and then evaluate at the end of year and here we go again.

I want this year to be different... or rather I want to be different in this year


Sunrise somewhere in Nairobi
 I love taking pictures - I don't own a camera... I use my phone.

Now I realize the depths in those moments... many of which I don't get to experience twice because things change - landscapes change, people move or die...


I want to be different in 2015... to not be scared of not achieving, to not be scared of financial Insecurity or physical insecurity - it is a reptile's life being scared... I will not be afraid (What will I be?)
I will not be afraid - relax... I am alive

I want to be different in 2015... to not to rush seeking for the next target... struggling to achieve... struggling to make it so that I have that big car, afford that restaurant, get my wife this home... I will not lead a mammals life - seeking the things that give me pleasure and satisfaction... I will not be discontent (What will I be?)
Looking at life from a higher perspective - no more struggling

I want to be different in 2015... to not seek approval from others... getting affirmation... being liked... I will not be so pathetically human seeking attachment... I will not be selfish (what will I be?)

Sunset on Lake Victoria - seeing the smallness of my humanity


I will be a child of God - I will know I have nothing to fear in this life except fear itself... because fear will deny me the complete experience of life

I will be one with humanity - I will do and give things to contribute to humanity instead of taking things to me pleasure and contentment. We are one humanity.

I will Love - because love gives meaning to life. No more attachments... no more me... I...

I will Live in 2015


Anonymous said...

Great post John. Bookmaring your page. Click on my link to see my posts on living.

Job Ben Kasambyo said...

Great article John. Will bookmark your blog.

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