Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya: Westgate Mall Attack brings us closer together

62 people dead and 175 injured... and these people who call themselves warriors for an holy cause must be proud.

They should be ashamed - real warriors fight other warriors... like if they were real warriors they should have walked to the gate of DOD in Hurlingham firing not in a shopping mall shooting at children and shoppers.

They say for such deeds they get a reward in heaven with virgins - but surely even the most reasonable God knows if you did not appreciate this "temporary life" for its beauty then you do not deserve the "eternal life" if you spent your time hating instead of loving - how can you hope to live in a place where the language is LOVE. If you spent your time destroying God's beautiful presence here on earth how do you expect a reward of his eternal presence.

But anyway no terrorist will read this - and if they did being as brainwashed and caught up in whatever pain that makes them who they are... they will not see sense. How twisted can you be to shoot an innocent child?


But here is what the attack has done for me - it has helped me count my blessings. I am lucky to be in a country where people are brave to go on with their lives after they have been dealt such a huge blow - blood donations, food donations and people waking up to go to work - I Love Kenya I Love Nairobi

NAIROBI - we never say die
I like the bravery with which our forces Kenya Defence Forces and National Police took on the terrorists and the fact they finally subdued them.

I also encourage professionals in other fields to consider volunteering our services to especially the Police Force - by professionals I mean hackers, computer programmers, biochemistry experts, pathologists, forensic experts, criminology experts, forensic accountants.
This whole mindset of the Police force being for people who failed exams and only know how to shoot well and run after criminals is colonial and should go. We should be proud to work with the force.

Kenyan Security Officer rescues hostages

I didn't vote for these two men but now I realize what calibre of leaders we have in-charge. Kudos to President Uhuru and Deputy President Ruto.

I can't wait to see what they make of whatever number of terms they have ahead. As a word of encouragement when life deals you such bucketfuls of trouble - the test of who you are is staying the course... never giving up.

These two men have dealt with challenges of personal criminal cases, the challenge of a burning airport, challenge of rising consumer good prices, challenges of wayward politicians who only clamor for pay-rises and County money allocations but do not clamor to do the work and take the responsibilities that come with these funds and keep clamoring for referendums and now they are dealing with a terrorist attack.

If this is not trouble in bucketfuls I don't know what to call it. But my encouragement is if the airport burns then it is a chance for us to build better disaster preparedness - a fire department, police station and a hospital at the airport.
If the terrorists attack then it is time for Kenyans to realize the important things in life - like life itself... the drama of money allocations and power games should stop or should not interest us anymore.

To the President and Deputy President - take heart and may God give you strength.
President Uhuru and Vice President Ruto - the most energetic duo ever

I know one media house did disappoint us on Sunday by putting sensationalist and traumatizing pictures in their daily and I was really disappointed with that guy of "Ni kama video ni kama drama" for fooling around in a situation where his fellow Kenyans were losing their lives. Other than that I am quite proud of the kind of reporting our media houses did.

My heroine for the day was Anjlee Noorani Gadhvi of  K24 she was on the scene from day one - she truly empathized with the victims and did an awesome job of reporting

K24 - Anjlee Noorani Gadhvi - KUDOS
Anjlee back in the day used to be with KTN - always wondered why they never gave her a more prominent role as she was an excellent news presenter. She appeared sporadically in late night news and the longest periods we saw her on screen was during the 2007 elections.

Anyway that is her past - With her stint in K24 - this great news anchor seems to have come of age - Kudos Anjlee Noorani Gadhvi.

Song that is pulling my heartstrings right now


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