Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I just watched the first episode of Bend Your Head TV - a Kenyan comedy show that pokes fun at ourselves.

I laughed but at the same time I had a good think. I laughed at the M-hongo cops but at the same time I thought of how corruption is so endemic that we are tempted to think - no haikuwa hongo alinisaidia tu na nikampa kitu kidogo - ni kusaidiana.

Translate - It wasn't a bribe the officer helped me out of my fix and I just gave back something to say thank you.

Bend your head made me think about our media - they do a good job at times but many times they aren't Media they become Medio"crity".
TV and media are our largest shapers of culture, perceptions, opinions, beliefs. On average every Kenyan is spending way more hours in front of the TV set; way more hours discussing what they saw on TV, heard on radio, saw in the paper than in their work, studying, hobbies, church or even on their relationships.
What is trending on Facebook, twitter in Kenya starts first either in paper, radio and TV.

But there is no Kenyan who critically thinks of their consumption - we are passive recipients. Who says we will not buy "Monkey Ball" Bites. Who says if Jay Z and Rihanna sport Illumi-natty I won't sport them.

But all my thoughts aside Bend Your Head TV are what comedy is supposed to be - to help us laugh at ourselves, our culture, our perceptions.

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