Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Consumer Information Should Become a Human Right - Right 32 Right To the Truth

I think the most difficult thing to do in life right now is to become ascetic.

Our world is powered by such a consumer culture that there is almost now way out for any of us.

Advertising will tell us what is sexy, what is not, what to eat, what to wear, where to go to have fun, whether it is fun at all, how to date, how to make love, how to have a great wedding, what is a great wedding, who is a good mother, what does an awesome boss look like, how to be an awesome boss, what to drive, what to ride.

I am not saying adverts are bad. I just think we are being bombarded with too much of it as opposed to actual facts on the products.

E.g. If Beats by Dre tells me their headphones are now sexier and give me an intimate, emotional experience. After Prime News I should have my local Consumer Association analyse all adverts for the day and tell me - If I wasn't sexy before I bought Beats - I won't be sexy after I buy them and if what I am listening to isn't intimate and personal then the headphones won't make it any more intimate than it is.
Beats by Dre

If Johnnie Walker tells me to keep walking - I would like my consumer association to get some Airplay to tell me if I take too much of it then walking might become a difficult task
Johnnie Walker - Keep walking

If Victoria Secret tells me that Lingerie is sexy after dark - I would like my Consumer Association to get airplay to tell me that I am sexy not the lingerie. Sexy-me wears the lingerie NOT sexy lingerie makes the not-so-attractive me Sexy.
Victoria's Secret

If my favorite cosmetic producers tell me that their product makes my skin fair in two weeks. My consumer association gets airplay to tell me that the claim has not been scientifically tested. If my cosmetic producer runs an advert showing me getting the job of my dreams due to my fair skin, my Consumer Association gets airplay to tell me that my CV also needs to look good to nail the job and dark skins have as good a chance at it.

I don't think anyone will heed my plea - oh well. Anyway if you didn't know what rights exist out there... enjoy the video below on the 30 Articles of Human Rights

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